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Our Parish has a committed Justice & Peace Group that meets on the second Wednesday of each month at 8pm in the PNL centre at St Joseph’s. All are welcome to come and join us to reflect on topical issues and how we can raise awareness in the Parish, engage with the wider community, and help to make the world a fairer place for all peoples.

Our various groups and activities in the parish include: Cafod; Traidcraft; Amnesty International; Gatwick Detainees. We also have regular prayer liturgies to pray for peace and justice.


What is “The PNL Parish Charity”
A charity chosen by the PNL parishioners to support as our one charity.

Why have a Parish Charity?
Fr Kevin introduced the PNL Parish Charity. The nominated charity provides focus for parishioners to work together to support one charity for a defined period of time. The charity benefits too with larger funding for bigger projects.

Who decides?
Everyone in our parish can put forward and charity and vote.

How are charities chosen?
Every 1 to 2 years a new charity is selected for the parish to support. Ideas and suggestions come from parishioners, a short-list is drawn up by the J & P group and, if there are a number of suggestions, a vote is held in the parish.

What charity do we support? Charities alternate between overseas and UK charities.

Since the PNL Parish Charity was introduced, overseas charities have included the CAFOD Connect2 Bangladesh project and Warmi Hausi in Peru, Previous UK charities were the Manna Society in London Bridge, Depaul UK and Mary’s Meals, which came to an end in July.

Our New Charity for the Parish – The Medaille Trust
The Medaille Trust has its beginnings in Southampton in 2006 when Sister Ann Teresa set up the first safe house for victims of modern slavery. The Medaille Trust is now the largest provider in the UK of safe accommodation for women and men. There are six safe houses, in London, Manchester and other cities, where survivors of human trafficking are offered a minimum of 45 days of safety. These houses are located at least 100 miles away from the gang-masters. In total the Trust has 112 rooms available…. and they are always full.
When we consider that there are estimated to be 136,000 modern slaves in the UK this appears so inadequate. However, providing rescue and subsequent help is very complex and potentially dangerous. Thus support for associations like the Medaille Trust is all important and we can play our part in improving the situation.
In October, Dimple Ananda, who manages one of the London safe houses, came to PNL to give first-hand information about her experience and the work of Medaille Trust. Raising awareness, giving funds and offering prayers will all be part of the support of our parish in the coming year. Two money-raising events have already taken place. However, over the Christmas period there is the opportunity to show our concern for the families, who are victims of human trafficking, by giving “presents” of baby supplies for the little children in the safe houses.

Look for the baskets that are placed near the cribs in our three churches. Donations of baby toiletries, wipes, nappies, new blankets and new clothes (NO toys) will be gratefully received.

Collection of Baby Items for the Medaille Trust

Do you remember the Christmas cribs and the weekly pile of donated baby equipment? When everything was collected three large boxes and fifteen bags were filled to capacity. We arranged to deliver the goods to a Medaille Trust safe house in west London. Dimple Ananda, who came to St Josephs in October, greeted us. She was delighted with all the donated clothes, nappies, toiletries and other equipment. She expressed sincere gratitude on behalf of the Medaille Trust and asked us to convey a huge THANK YOU to PNL parishioners. Every item will be appreciated and put to good use.

WARMI HUASI Photo Report 2019
Fr Ed O’Connell was born in Somerset and educated by the Salesians in Battersea. He is working as a Columban missionary priest in Lima, Peru and has been there for over four decades with periods back in Britain as Columban JPIC Coordinator and Regional Director. Ed is well-known to many in the parish particularly through his work with the children’s charity Warmi Huasi.

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Thought for the week

The tears of those who suffer are not sterile. They are a silent prayer rising up to heaven. In Mary they always find a place under her mantle. With her, God becomes our companion on the way. He carries our crosses with us so we are not crushed by our pain.

Pope Francis