The Parish of the Nativity of the Lord

PNL African Community

Parish of the Nativity of the Lord African Community (PANOLAC+) at PNL


To fervently support the Parish of the Nativity of the Lord and actively foster African fellowship and understanding among its members and other nationalities. This is to promote unity and cohesiveness in all church activities, using the parish facilities.


The African continent is huge and made up of 54 countries.  This fact makes our African Community Group natural believers in diversity and easily embrace very varied and diverse cultures. We treat each other with the utmost respect and support all individuals to realise their full potential, regardless of age, race, religion, nationality, colour, gender and sexual orientation.

We stand for equal justice where Social, Cultural, Political, Economic, and Religious rights are respected and people actively work for a just society.

We believe in Friendship and Togetherness where people know their neighbours and work together collectively in building strong neighbourhood, firm communities and societies at large.


To align our group’s programmes and activities in line with the Parish’s own objectives. This is to strengthen and identify ways by which we live our day to day lives in tune with the teachings and ways of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Invite all our Parishioners from all three churches to be involved in our Parish life.

Share our Catholic Faith with the children through our Parish faith schools and nurseries.

To promote and encourage PANOLAC+ Children and Youth to be actively involved in both Parish and Community activities.

To help the African group members access Ministries/Groups, Services and Resources available in the Church as well as to encourage them to join and participate in parish and community activities.


Kingsley Kaba: 07591 129332


Christal Frouin: 07887 639804


Hyacinth John Abu: 07426 844458


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Parish Office
122 Ladbroke Road
Redhill, Surrey, RH1 1LF
01737 761017

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Office Hours: Mon-Fri 9.30am – 3.30pm

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