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With further catechesis comes a deepening of faith and the wisdom and spiritual joy that accompany it. A greater ability to defend the Church and its teachings, now much needed to counter misinformation, moral relativism and lapsation can also be realised.

The Catechism of the Catholic Church is a true development of doctrine, remarkably synthetic in linking the whole of Catholic belief, worship, morals, and prayer. It is also very instructive, taking care to explain wherever possible not only what we believe, but why and the source of our belief, in scripture, in tradition and in reason.

Each week we will be publishing a short new extract from the Catechism of the Catholic Church which will gradually build into an online library that you can review, download or print as you wish. The extracts are grouped into a series of ten main themes which are listed below.: –

God’s Revelation and Man’s Response (nine extracts)
God’s Master Plan in Christ (fifteen extracts)
Jesus Christ (sixteen extracts)
The Holy Spirit (seven extracts)
The Church (fifteen extracts)
The Sacraments (thirteen extracts)
Life in Christ (eighteen extracts)
The Ten Commandments (seventeen extracts)
Prayer in the Christian Life (thirteen extracts)
The Lord’s Prayer (six extracts)

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Thought for the week

Being disciples of Jesus and progressing along the path of holiness means first and foremost letting ourselves be transfigured by the power of God’s love.

Pope Francis