The Parish of the Nativity of the Lord

Family Peace Prayer Group

Family Peace Prayer Group meet between 8-9pm in St Joseph’s Church Side Chapel. Held once a month on a Wednesday evening. See Newsletter or poster in church for dates. This is a prayer group for those wishing to pray for family members in whatever situation they find themselves. It is a quiet hour for intercession or thanksgiving. There is the opportunity to pray the Rosary and for meditative prayer during adoration of the BlessedSacrament, with periods of quiet music and silence. If you would like further information you can contact either Lucy or Nicki

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Thought for the week

“You did not choose me; I chose you.” These words of the Lord in this Sunday’s Gospel are for each and every one of us. The Lord chooses me; he chooses you. This choice of the Lord begins at the very first moment of our existence. At the moment of conception we are loved by God, we are His creation. 

Bishop Richard Moth