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Parish Book + Circle

The Parish Book+ Circle welcomes as members anyone who likes reading, wants to know more about our faith, and is interested in sharing the wealth of books that have been written about Christian and Catholic subjects.
Each meeting lasts about 90 minutes, mainly discussing the book most recently read. At each meeting, someone volunteers to take very brief notes of the discussion, to share on the parish website (see Menu: Downloads/Parish Book+Circle).
Anyone can propose a book to the Circle, in line with its ‘faith’ foundation.
Topic areas include: – What we (and others) believe – How/why we worship – Prayer – Life in Christ – what it means, how people go about it
If you would like more information or to join the Circle, please contact Anne St John-Hall (07720 291629;

Book+Circle Meeting Dates in 2022

Wednesday 26 January – 8.00pm
Friday 4 March – After morning mass
Wednesday 13 April – 8.00pm
Friday 27 May – After morning mass
Wednesday 6 July – 8.00pm
Friday 19 August – After morning mass
Wednesday 28 September – 8.00pm
Friday 4 November – After morning mass
Wednesday 7 December – 8.00pm

Exact times and locations to be agreed nearer the date depending on the ‘health of the nation’ at the time

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Thought for the week

Christian Unity is not attained so much by agreement about some shared value, but by doing something concrete together for those who bring us closest to the Lord: the poor, for in them Jesus is present (Mt 25:40). Sharing in works of charity helps us make greater progress.

Pope Francis